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Hey There,
wanna make your
'Dream Events'
come true?

Team Dream Events,

• We Manage Your Important Events To Be More Memorable & Perfect For The Occasion.

• We Make Seamless Decorations And Spotless Memories Through Your Occasion.

• We Are Honoured To Make Your Moments More Special.

"It's Your Dream That We Make True"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need Event Planner?

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The primary objective and responsibility of an event planner is to assist you in being focused and organised. We're here to keep you on track, recommend trustworthy suppliers, include a wealth of services, bargain on your behalf, and see that your vision is realised. If you hire us for services, we will not only schedule your case, but we will also respond quickly to any potential surprises that might arise.

How Often Will We Meet?

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This is ideally answered at our initial meeting. We will build a schedule until we know what you want your event to be like. We'll come up with an estimation for the total number of gatherings and time needed during the meeting to help you stay on track with your budget.

Do you manage various event services in the Event too?

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Yes, We do. We supply, customize and plan a surprise with the food and decorations for the Event as you wish for. We make them clean and perfect for the occasion and make them Marvellous!!

Do you charge separately for your various event services?

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A few of our services are included in cost, while others may be charged separately. Call us just to meet with one of our event planners to get an estimate of how much the event would cost. They will provide you with a free estimate depending on your specific requirements.

Do You Provide Last Minute Event Management Services?

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Yes, is the simple answer? we are entirely comfortable functioning in a high-stress, last-minute environment, so don't hesitate to contact us if you need to organize a last-minute event. We'll let you know if it's not practical, but our motto is that "there's always a way."

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